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Don’t you understand, the man’s our savior, Oohlah. He’s doing everything he can to put an end to slavery. Lucky for us, he’s got some important friends that are tryin’ to help. I met some of them, so I know they are real important.


You know what you can do with his important friends, n’ he’s only doin’ it, ’cause his beautiful wife, Miss Dolly Todd’s makin’ him. Ya see, she told me that her parents, who were Quakers, freed their slaves a long time ago, so she grew up being anti-slavery. You, don’t really think that this anti-slavery bull is all your James Madison’s idea, do you? Hell no, Miss Dolly told me about this ole ship owner, named somethin’, Cuffee. A way back, he took 38 of our brothers n’ sisters to Freetown, in Sierra Leone. Cuffee was brown, like me n’ you. I’m tellin’ you, that’s where it all began, with a brown man who “really” cared. We’re the only ones that care n’ as far as your Mr. Madison is concerned, he can kiss my brown anti-slavery ass for all I care.