The Immaculate Deception


ANG hugs RAFFY and exits. RAFFY looks around, and remembers, kisses photo, goes to closet and removes one of Lily’s dresses. He smells it, then holds it close dances with it. He sings Jolson’s “Anniversary Waltz.”


“Oh how we danced, on the night we were wed. We vowed our truea love, though a word wasn’t said.”

Emotional he notices a little box that he rummages through and finds a letter addressed to him. Sadly he opens it and reads it as WE hear LILY’S voice over.


(Offers her pouch.)

Would you like some of this, wise man, Melchior?


(Lifts pouch of wine.)

Sweetheart, I drink the finest wine ever made in Persia and it would be my honor to share wine with you, my beautiful Scheherazade of the Nile, and once I take you to Persia you will drink all the wine you desire. I am the king of Mesopotamia and I will endow

(Kisses MIRIAM’s hand.)

you with gold, frankincense and myrrh. KnHmaag aliik, I am crazy for you and you will become my Queen of the Nile