INT. Old England – New Years Eve – King Arthur’s round table.
The King is speaking to MERLIN who is old and has a long white beard.


On this New Years Eve I must tell ye how grateful I am to have ye as my benefactor and close friend, Merlin. Ye and thy magical powers have been my salvation.


As I have told ye King Arthur, it is not of my doing. I am the son of a nun of royal birth, engendered by a demon from whence my magical powers cometh from, of who shall go unnamed. At birth I was given the name Emrys, changed by those Roman bastards who were swayed by my magical power and dubbed me Merlin the Magician much to my dismay. I much prefer my given name, Emrys, but so be it, for what is a lilac but a lilac by any other name? I was the illegitimate son of a monastic Royal Prince of Dyfed. He was a supposed angel, but was really the devil in disguise, who, visited a Royal nun, my mother and left her with child. My enemies claimed my father was really an incubus, an evil spirit that had intercourse with misguided women. He used many women, but all that ever concerned me, was my disillusioned mother. The truth be spoken.